The Alcoholic problem

Why do we drink? We know its bad yet we do it anyway. Got bills to pay? Got work to do? Got a PO to see? It doesn’t matter. We drink anyway. Why? Because the alcohol provides us ease and comfort. Because in drugs and alcohol we find, if ever so briefly, peace of mind.

And who doesn’t like peace of mind? So we drink when we are sad. we drink when we are stressed, we drink when we are happy. Sun shinning? Have a drink! Car broke down? Have a drink. This pursuit of happiness in and of its self is not so bad. Millions of people do this success fully every day.

However, with an alcoholic it all goes bad.

Why? Because once we start drinking we cannot stop drinking. That simple, innocent pursuit of a little chemical happiness becomes a dangerous and all consuming craving. We will pursue more without concern for ourselves or anyone else around us. We will not stop until we pass out, run out of money or get locked up.

This unavoidable craving is the manifestation of the alcoholic allergy. It is what defines us. I am an alcoholic because I have an allergy to alcohol. When I consume alcohol I crave more alcohol.

So why drink then? The ease and comfort. We are obsessed with the peace of mind that drugs and alcohol provide us. We cannot drink because we have an allergy and we must drink because we have an obsession.

That is a problem.