Regain Your Freedom

Sober Nest’s environment is structured to provide a safe, supportive foundation for people beginning their lives in sobriety.  We incorporate the 12 steps and 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and the principles they set down into our Recovery Program.

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Before becoming a member certain criteria must be met.  Sober Nest exists to help alcoholics and substance abusers recover from their addictions.  We are not equipped to help people who have serious physical disabilities or major mental health issues.  To be successful in our program an individual must have the ability to become functional and self-supportive.  Sober Nest Recovery Homes is not a medical facility.

To become a member an individual must have a substance abuse history, must be aware that this is a problem and they must be willing to utilize a 12 step program to change their lives.


If an individual is still actively using drugs or alcohol we will refer clients to detox or inpatient treatment depending on their needs.  Clients cannot detox at Sober Nest.  If a member is accepted and needs detox, a bed will be available for them upon completion of their detox.  If a member is accepted and is in need of inpatient treatment without detox, they may utilize their bed until a space is available in the inpatient facility.

Upon arrival the client will do an intake with a Peer Recovery Support Specialist (P-RSS)

A Peer Recovery Support Specialist (P-RSS) is an occupational title for a person who has progressed in their own recovery from alcoholism, drug abuse, or mental disorder and is willing to self-identity as a peer and work to assist other individuals with chemical dependency or a mental disorder.  Because of their life experience, such persons have expertise that professional training cannot replicate.

Our P-RSS first will help the client address any physical illness or chronic conditions they may have.  We accomplish this through referrals to medical facilities in our community.  Next, our P-RSS will help the client address mental health issues.  We accomplish this through referrals to mental health facilities in our community.  We also assess client’s socio-economic conditions and can refer clients to resources such as community health and pharmacy services, LA SNAP “food stamps”, and job placement and training services.

Membership Application


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    Print Name (first-middle-last)


    Phone Number

    Marital Status

    Are you pregnant?

    Present Address

    Is this a treatment facility?

    Treatment Counselor Number

    Treatment Counselor Name

    If not have you ever been in treatment?

    Are you an alcoholic?

    The date of your last drink

    Have you been addicted to drugs?

    The date your your last use

    List all drugs you have abused

    Do you have a job?

    Are you able to work?

    List any source of income you may have (SSI, unemployment, etc.)


    List any problems you have now

    List any medications you are now taking

    Are any of your medications narcotics?

    Emergency Contacts

    Include name, address, and phone number


    Nearest Relative

    Friend, Relative

    Legal Issues

    Are you required to register as a sex offender?

    Are you on probation or parole?

    List any pending charges

    List any convictions

    Probation/Parole Officer Name

    Probation/Parole Telephone Number


    Do you have a valid drivers license?

    Do you have a vehicle?

    Is this vehicle in your name?




    Does this vehicle have insurance?

    Does this vehicle have an inspection sticker?


    If we accept you, we are not only allowing you into our home, we are accepting you as a member of our family

    I attest that all information provided is thetruth